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Updated: Jul 11

No matter where you are, there is a Home Group for you. We meet weekly, you're invited.

To lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Each week we are having a meeting called Home Group where we are connected, engaged and focused on Christ! You are invited!

The home Group meets weekly and is meant to build and deepen relationships in a light, trustworthy and life driven environment.

We are a connected group to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and Christ, while encouraging them to build stronger relationships with the Lord and deepening their belonging within our church.

Pr Marcelo Matos follows Jesus for 20 years. Bachelor in theology and experienced church leader, his passion is to build gospel-based relationships. Marcelo leads the Kitchener Home Group with his wife Patrícia, 2 children Samuel is 10 years old and Phillip is 4 years old.

Please get in touch to be part of a Home Group with us, you are invited! I look forward to hearing from you marcelo@goodnewscambridge.com

If you need any support in prayer, or you want to visit us, or want to be a volunteer, please get in touch, it will be a pleasure to talk to you.

Come join us! We are look to seeking you.


+1 (226) 220-7078

Local: Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Brantford.


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